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2019 New Year's Resolution

Tuesday, January 01, 2019 12:00 PM

New Years 2019

Every year I like to post my new year's resolution(s), and peak experiences from the previous year. (I also post a picture of where I was on New Years Eve.) It's fun to go back and look at last year 2018. It's been an excellent way of keeping myself accountable and as a reminder that change is constant.

  1. Get my AARL technician license.
  2. Get better at making music.
  3. Get proficient at playing vinyl.
  4. Tattoo.
  5. Drink tea.
  6. Be present.

Peak experiences of 2018

  1. Started projects one, and two.
  2. Played a livestream DJ set on Fault Radio!
  3. Threw an underground event for NYE 2018.