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Embracing Change

Monday, August 19, 2019 07:51 PM

This article on Resident Advisor entitled "Fumiya Tanaka on embracing change, in music and in life" is simply profound.

Of course here are some excerpts / quotes ...

If you care about sound, deal with it and give attention to it, then it will be reflected in the programming of the events. Giving attention to the soundsystem and being particular about sound means you care about the music that's played there.

Preconceptions usually prohibit you seeing things as they really are, be it clubs or other things. You will be fixed to a single viewpoint formed by your own taste or strong personal feelings. .... Being particular about music is good, but it can lead to you becoming stubborn or inflexible. I try to be conscious about it. If I don't, it will narrow my mind.

Sometimes when you are DJing, you fall down a kind of an air pocket, and you struggle to get out of it but you can't. It happens to me about twice a year. It did this time, and nothing worked. In the case of a football match, you have a first half and then a second half, so you can rest and rectify at half-time. And in a tennis match sometimes the game changes after one break. But with DJing, there is no break in the set. You need the ability to get out of it.

I live in the moment and embrace that one chance. Every time it's a new challenge.

Not giving up is good, but on the other hand, giving up can also be good sometimes. It can bring a breakthrough. If you don't give up, your mind gets narrow, and you will find you've been obsessed with only one view. Once you abandon something, you can notice that.

I want to keep changing myself. Personally, changing is not deciding to change—it's accepting the change that naturally occurs inside you. I want to keep that attitude without being afraid. Of course you will be afraid of losing something you've created, and I did experience that fear when I was younger.

Changes require courage. You can not move forward when you are afraid of change. On the other hand, I sense the fact that you can reach the level of unknown territory by continuing your thing year in, year out. I hope I can carry on accepting changes each time I encounter it and use my own judgement.

That's why I listen to various kinds of music without any pigeonholing. Then I absorb all of them and try by myself. That's an effective approach for realising your ability and also extending your ability. When you hear music you've never heard before and encounter unknown territory, you will be so happy and totally absorbed. I want to keep that feeling.

I am aware that my music is very underground and niche and not for everybody's palette. Of course I want many people to appreciate my music, but when it is not shared nor appreciated by many, I am OK with that.

If you don't let things go, you don't get new things. It is important to let things go. It might not be easy and not everyone is able to do it.

As you grow older, the opportunities for new experiences get scarcer, and the chances of being moved emotionally get scarce, too. But experience helps you stay calm. Those are the pros and cons of growing older.

Musicians or DJs have music in our mind and body somewhere all the time and there is no border between them. I am always living with music.