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Every good product

Thursday, July 07, 2011 04:05 AM

I think every good product that i've ever seen in this industry and pretty much anywhere is because a group of people cared deeply about making something wonderful that they and their friends wanted. They want to use it themselves. That's how the apple 1 came about; that's how the apple 2 came about; that's how the macintosh came about and that's how almost everything i know that's good has come about. It didn't come about because people were trembling in the corner worried about some big company stomping on them. Because if a big company made a product that was right, then most of these things wouldn't have happened. Steve Jobs

I wonder if all of those independent developers/startups that built their apps on top of iOS came to the same conclusion, before WWDC 2011 where the iOS 5 updates killed a bunch of applications that were in the ecosystem. Maybe their products weren't really a "product" and more of a "feature"?