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iPhone Redux

Saturday, June 30, 2007 05:21 PM

I finally got to the Santa Monica Apple Store to find that the line was all the way out to Wilshire Blvd. I waited about 3.5 hours, and got my phone. I got this strange cult feeling while entering the store to cheering Apple Store employee's. That would be the first time I have ever felt that creepy cult feeling with Apple. My first 24 hours with this device has been great. Everyone is right about the keyboard, it will take awhile to pickup. I think I can type faster, but this could be an illusion. This form of an input device isn't ubiquitous so it takes some time for us humans to adapt.



The best "use case" I have ever encountered with a piece of technology that might not be is not re-create-able in a lab is... You are drunk at a bar, and you're trying to get a phone number, you hand your phone over to allow the hottie a person to input their contact information. Because this new revolutionary phone is a little advanced said hottie person can't accurately input their information on the software based touch key predictive keyboard. You can notice some frustration with the hottie person, while trying to stay standing and attempting to input something as simple as their name!