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My First 24 Hours with iPad

Sunday, April 04, 2010 11:48 PM

To buy or not to buy

I did not pre-order the iPad. I own a lot of Apple gear. My intentions were not to buy this device because I didn't quite get the device. That's even after watching every video and keynote. The night before it hit stores I did what any other fanboy would do; I was thinking about the device. I thought long and hard about it, I decided that in "Steve I trust." I started reading about how pre-orders were sold out and rumor had it that it would be "slim pickings" on trying to get one at the store with out pre-ordering. My next move was to hit craigslist and see if anyone was selling theirs. I found a couple of sellers, sent them emails, and anxiously waited. I got no response.

Next day

The next day, still no response. It was 1:00PM, I called the Apple store a sales rep. said, "there's no line, I don't know how long that will last, and we have units available in every size, again I don't know how long that will last." I immediately got to the store, as I walked up there was no line! I was thinking, "ha ha ha, I knew this thing was gonna flop." There's no way a company as awesome as Apple could pull this many wins. I enter the Apple store, and it was packed! I wanted to hold the device in my hands, unfortunately looking at the station with the display models that wasn't going to happen. I thought about it as I approached a sales rep. and bought one.

There is no spoon

After syncing my iPad for the first time (which was exactly like iPhone) I found myself in the web browser a lot. Browsing the internet on this device is insane. Yes, this thing is really just a larger version of an iPod Touch. However I think that statement doesn't help potential first time buyers. My iPhone now feels like this very small and dated device. I think it's because, before iPhone/iPad a computer was composed of separate devices that have a single purpose. The outputs were not connected to the inputs. There was a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse or pen. This is where Tablet PC's failed, you still needed a stylus to do input, and using your finger didn't work well at all. Now with these newer devices everything is folded into a single sleek device. The difference between an iPod Touch and an iPad that everyone might be overlooking is the input, more screen real estate equals a larger soft keyboard. This is where some people are saying it's "natural". Tangible interfaces on a much larger scale are finally here.

Goodbye other devices

I did not put my iPad down till around 11:30PM. The battery had not even dipped below 50% and I had been hitting the device hard by watching videos, browsing the web, playing with apps. I was flipping out! I started thinking about how this device competes with existing products and what I would make for this device. Ever heard of a netbook? I spent a long time trying to figure out which netbook to get, turns out they all sucked. How about those annoying portable DVD players? Gone. The Kindle/e-book reader? This is an interesting one. About one year ago I had the opportunity to use a Kindle for 30 days. I read two books, and even the Wall Street Journal. It was a sweet device, but it was lacking something and I couldn't put my finger on it. I finally figured it out. It's all of the buttons on the device! When I read a book in the analog, do I have a QWERTY keyboard on my book? FAIL.

The future

We are entering the era where devices I flipped out about seeing on Star Trek are becoming common place. Remember when the Motorola Razr came out? The entire reason why I bought that phone was because it reminded me of the "communicator" on Star Trek. The projector for my living room, Star Trek. Bluetooth headset, Star Trek. Tom tom GPS unit, Star Trek. And now the iPad, Star Trek. This is an amazing time, but I really want a replicator asap!