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Update Chromium with a shell script

Monday, September 21, 2009 10:25 PM

I have found myself using Chrome on OS X a lot lately. With the increase in complex javascript in webpages, Firefox just isn't cutting it. I have found it increasingly mundane to go through the motions of installing a new build. I figured I wasn't the only person that had this problem, a google search revealed this post.

Of course the script was out of date. Here is my updated version, I also added some feedback for the user. Enjoy.

mkdir -p /tmp/chromedownload && cd /tmp/chromedownload
curl -o /tmp/chromedownload/LATEST --silent && LATEST=`cat /tmp/chromedownload/LATEST`
echo "Downloading build $LATEST of chromium"
curl$LATEST/ -o /tmp/chromedownload/ --silent
unzip -qq /tmp/chromedownload/
echo "Installing build $LATEST of chromium"
cp -R /tmp/chromedownload/chrome-mac/ /Applications
rm -rf /tmp/chromedownload

To install follow these steps:

  1. Open
  2. In terminal type: touch
  3. In terminal type: chmod 755
  4. In terminal type: open
  5. In the editor that opens, paste the code in this post.
  6. To run the script type: ./