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iChat Currently Playing

Sunday, June 22, 2008 11:40 PM

I have had this annoyance with Leopard. When I display the "Currently Playing" track from iTunes in my iChat status message it displays the string in reverse order. It looks like "Exploder - Audioslave", when I think it should look like "Audioslave - Exploder". I also miss what an old AppleScript used to do back on 10.4 (Tiger). It would display a very useful musical note prepended to the "Currently Playing" string. To fix all of this in Leopard launch Terminal, Applications->Utilities->Terminal, then execute each of the following commands.

defaults write iTunesMessageFormat -string '♫ %Artist - %Track'
killall iChatAgent

Note: I found that I had to quit and restart iChat to display the string properly.