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That's Not A Cat

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 04:43 AM

About a month ago. I was out with some co-workers partaking in one of the many common post-workday festivities. That was a pretty rough day, I had run out of dog food that morning. There was a problem, I took Muni to work that day. I figured on my way home I'll grab a huge bag of food and somehow haul it home with me. I started off the day not even thinking that I'd be drinking at all that night. That night I got hammered. I was out so late that I missed the last Muni train home. I "cabbed it" back. The "cabbie" completely misunderstood me and missed my place by a good five blocks. I figured I could use the walk to sober up. There I was, hauling this huge bag of dog food slug over my shoulder walking home. I was two blocks away when I saw what looked like a black cat. I instantly said out loud, "I hate cats!" I then attempted to scare it like most cats I encounter. This particular cat did not get scared instead I could see it's tail raise. I instantly thought, wow it must be one of those weird looking fancy expensive breed of cats, with one of those quintessential attitudes too! All up till I saw the streak of white going down this cat's black tail, and this awful aroma. I was sprayed by a skunk! It was horrible. When I got home I got my clothes off as fast as I could, and jumped in the shower. I can't help but ball in laughter when I tell the story. So if anyone is ever sprayed by a skunk, go to your local pet store, and pick up this bottle. You can get that awful scent out of your clothes.

Skunk Odor Remover