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iPhone Woes

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 02:53 AM

Last Friday night, when coming home from the bar I noticed that I couldn't touch the "home row" on my iPhone screen. I instantly thought, perhaps a reboot is in order. Did the reboot, no love! I was livid! I couldn't believe it. I know the rule and I broke it. The rule is: "Never buy anything Apple that is 1st generation." I'm going to modify this rule to "Never buy anything Apple that is 1st generation, ever!" I couldn't really use my phone to make any calls, it was essential to get this fixed. Of course being a loyal Apple customer I know exactly what to do. Get on the Apple Store website and schedule an appointment. The next day, I was in the Apple Store. I assumed I would be getting a brand new iPhone, and be on my way... wrong! I got a "loaner" iPhone and a $30 fee. I was assured that my repaired iPhone would be shipped back to me within 7 business days. What if this thing breaks again, what then? Tons of questions flooded my head. So I took pictures of the "loaner" iPhone, and it's AppleCare packaging.